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Jul 26–AUG 2, 2020



Quantum Learning


What are the ages? In Italy, we run a unique dual-track program for kids 12-14 & 14-18. Kids are divided by team while sharing meals & free time.

Can you pick up my child? Yes. We provide airport & train pickups on request. But our Ceremony Day features an exclusive Parent Workshop - so you can follow what your student has learned! It's an amazing day out for kids & their families.

• My child has never been away to camp. What if she's scared? Our programs are first and foremost emotionally safe places for kids. They quickly learn to conquer their fears and get beyond their comfort zones where all the fun is.

• What sorts of activities do you do? Italy is special so we have pasta making, special courses (like archery or woodworking), ping pong & fusball on breaks, mini-golf & soccer nets, and of course, a whole day spent on an Outdoor Ropes & Climbing Course.


Teen (&Tween!) Success Summit •

 for Students 12-14 & 14-18
+ QuantumU • 18+

Our SuperCamp summer campuses are 8-day residential programs that help students learn important 21st c. Life Skills -- including communication & collaboration while improving motivation, scores and self-esteem. 

Think of it as an 8-day intensive life coaching designed specifically for kids.

Everything we do is based on a set of fundamental values and life skills that drives all learning and offers students a foundation on which to build their futures. We focus on one of our 8 Keys of Excellence each day of the program.

Cal State San Marcos, California
July 13-19, 2020



Quantum Learning


How can you do what you do in just 8 Days? We practice pattern interrupt, and pepper our days with mini-successes and lots of fun that appeals to kids. We also model positive behaviors and keep kids engaged while they make their own choices for growth.

What is a Growth Mindset?

This is the work behind researcher Carol Dweck, which informs much of our groundbreaking work in education. By using inquiry-based methods, we can spark curiosity & lifelong learning in kids of all ages! Kids take control of their lives, and stop being victims.
My son has dyslexia. Is that a problem? All kids experience growth according to their skill. But our program does not rely on classroom learning, tests, or other challenges. It is designed for student achievement.

My daughter knows English well, but maybe not enough? We can interview the kids but thru our accelerated learning techniques, even kids with basic English can express themselves & join in the fun right from the get-go.